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Whole-life insurance is a policy also known as permanent insurance, which provides coverage for a lifetime.  It can also provide cash value accumulation, and potentially a dividend.  A term insurance policy covers a length of time such as 10, 20, or 30 year periods for a fixed premium.  There are advantages to each type of life insurance policy, and whether you choose whole-life or term depends on many factors.  We can assist you with options to discuss your specific life insurance need.

No one wants to discuss death, but its inevitable and we all have to prepare for it.  With our life insurance products, you'll be sure to invest in a program to fully protect your assets and leave a legacy for the ones you love.  There are many life events that trigger a need for life protection:

  • burial expenses- can cost tens of thousands of dollars
  • getting married- to protect your spouse from being saddled with extraneous overhead
  • buying a home - if one spouse passes away and there is a loan, life insurance can cover the mortgage payment
  • starting a family- Ensuring the quality of life for your loved ones left behind
  • college tuition- if a parent is going to pay for school, and that parent passes away, life insurance covers the tuition
  • estate protection- it provides money to a beneficiary without a taxable event
  • tax-free transfer of wealth- some life insurance benefits can be received tax-free to beneficiaries
  • leaving a legacy- ensuring your family's financial future 
  • business buy/sell agreements- partnerships and business continuation