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Personal auto policies do not come in a one-size-fits-all.  There are important aspects to consider when purchasing an auto insurance policy.

Liability limits

Property Damage Uninsured motorists 
Medical expenses Comprehensive
Transportation Expense

Our team will get to
work on your behalf, to help you maximize savings and coverage, tailoring your policy to meet your specific need. 

Personal Auto
Antique & Classic Auto  Commercial Auto

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We offer flexible Business Owner Policies that provide the protection and value your looking for. 

A B.O.P. is an insurance package that assembles coverage for business owners in one bundle.

For example, packages can include protection for property, liability, inventory, as well as business income    protection.   Endorsements are available to provide coverage that will meet your individual need.

Your B.O.P. gives you peace of mind,  knowing that you have the proper coverage in

place in the event of a loss.

If your a local business, big or small,  allow us

the opportunity to help sharpen up your business insurance program. 


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Are you in carpentry, electrical, landscaping, lawn sprinkler installation, plumbing, HVAC, painting, or septic maintenance? How about remodeling, plowing, paving, masonry, welding, roofing, or appliance installation repair ? If you answered yes, then your in the right

place, we can help.

Request a quote for a contractor general liability policy which can offer blanket or specific tool coverage, or consider an inland marine policy to protect larger equipment.

With multiple commercial companies, we have the right tools to get the job done !  

Homeowners insurance comes in all types of shapes and sizes:

Primary Residence

Single Family

Two Family

Three Family

Four Family

Secondary Residence 

Seasonal Residence

Landlord Dwelling

Renters Insurance

Builders Risk  

Vacant Under Renov

Be sure to inquire about multi policy bundling and bi-line credits when we review your program.  Clients can maximize savings when multiple insurance policies are combined. 

If a property's status should change, it's important that the insured is on the

proper contract. We can gladly assist with transitional  placement as needed.

Having the right agency on your team can make all the difference.